THE EARLY DANCE CONSORT ~ Renaissance & Baroque Dance

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What to wear for dance classes

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Generally for all classes we recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing with room to move for warm-up exercises and for dancing. Full skirts, loose or stretch trousers, and shorts are fine. Narrow or full-length skirts and tight or low-slung trousers are not recommended.

Shoes - You may have a street shoe which would serve the purpose. We understand that buying special dance shoes can be expensive. Comfort and safety are most important. Bare feet, joggers or comfortable, light street shoes may be suitable if that's what you're used to. Very high heels, stilettos or heavy, thick-soled shoes or boots are not appropriate, and rubber soles can be hard work when attempting to glide on the floor.

For Renaissance Dance - Flexible flat-soled shoes secured with elastic, straps or laces:-

For Baroque Dance - Flexible, low-heeled shoe with elastic, straps or laces, e.g. for women:-

For both Renaissance and Baroque - suitable for men and women:-

See Where to buy for local suppliers in Sydney

Dance Shoes (18th C)