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2021 Summer Course in Early Dance

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Early Dance Consort 2021 Summer Course in Early Dance

2021 Summer Course in Early Dance - CANCELLED as of 31 Dec
January 6-8 (Wednesday to Friday) in North Sydney

Sadly, the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in Sydney since December has led to our decision to cancel the course out of concern for the health of all involved. A sincere thank you to everyone who has been planning to come, from near and far. We'll miss you, and hope to meet up again before too long.

After a year of fires, smoke and pandemic, our 2021 Summer Course will be a little different, with essential  hygiene precautions. Recent classes have shown that these are no impediment to an informative, enjoyable and energetic few days of early dance. The course is perfect for newcomers and visitors from out of town to taste the elegance and vigour of court dance. Distancing demands numbers be limited, dances adapted with spacing, no contact, emphasis on technique.

Court dance helps to bring European history to life, and 2020 has reminded us that in past centuries dancing was a rare treat, to be indulged in times of peace, joy and good health, when lives were so often cut short by war, disease, and family misfortune.

Mask ready, 18th century style

Dance lessons included the manners and deportment expected in court society. For young aristocrats and aspiring courtiers, the noble dance was a valuable physical, mental (and career) exercise. This is no less the case today. Thanks to a half-century of scholarship, and a renaissance in early music and dance performance, new generations can enjoy the pleasures of the aristocratic ballroom once available to the fortunate few.

Course details

Renaissance sessions sample key court dances from the 16th/early 17th century, ranging from graciously elegant to lively—including the Pavane, Galliard, Branles, Measures, and Italian Balletto.

Baroque sessions will focus on the noble French baroque style & technique of the late 17th and early 18th century, in dances such as the Bourrée, Minuet, Sarabande and Gigue.

(Please note 18th Century sessions have been cancelled due to COVID-19 constraints.)

Participants may choose to do both sessions, or focus on one. Those new to early dance are urged to attend the Wednesday sessions to learn steps used to build up our chosen dances over the three days.

No previous dance experience required, nor do you need to bring a partner. Our COVID-19 Safety Plan requires all distancing and hygiene requirements to be followed, including scanning a QR code on entry for contact tracing purposes. See Check in to a COVID Safe business on the Service NSW app | Service NSW for information.

Daily Schedule - 2021 Summer Course in early dance


Venue 181 Blues Point Road, North Sydney. From North Sydney Train/Bus Station: turn left on Blue Street, 1st left into Blues Point Road. Short walk south down hill to Hall on left-hand-side just before Lavender Street.    Google Map

What to wear
Light comfortable clothes, and secure shoes without rubber soles.
Flat shoes for Renaissance (e.g. ballet flats, jazz shoes or lightweight street shoes).
Heeled shoes for Baroque (small heels 1-4cm high) with straps or laces recommended.
See What to wear for classes for more information.

To eat
Light refreshments will be provided for morning tea, as far as possible and following hygiene guidelines. . Please bring water to drink, and snacks to suit specific dietary requirements.


Please complete enrolment form & return by email or simply include the required information in an email.  Payment is by cheque, direct deposit (bank details on enrolment form).
Early-bird rates apply until January 5. Prior booking is essential due to limits on class size & the need for contact information to be provided. 

Fees for 2021 Summer Course in Early Dance


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